Welcome to the website of Cllr Fay Evans, the Mayor of Southend in this special year which marks the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of the town as a borough.
Mrs Evans, who represents West Leigh on Southend Borough Council, is the 97th First Citizen of the town.
The Mayor was elected in May and named Prostate and Breast Cancer care as her charities for the year.
The Mayor said: “I will do everything within my power to raise the profile of this wonderful town of ours and to promote the outstanding work which takes place each day across the borough.
“I want to highlight and celebrate the work of the many charitable and voluntary organisations who make such a valuable contribution to the life of the town.”
The Mayor also wants to celebrate the work of our schools and colleges and promote success and achievement in the business community and to encourage the wider economic development of the borough.
In addition, the Mayor hopes to see many of the arts and cultural events, for which our town is renowned.


The Mayor has nominated her two charities for the forthcoming year with the aim of raising thousands of pounds.
The Mayor hopes to make significant investment in projects at Southend General Hospital to help those suffering from breast or prostate cancer.
She said: “I have chosen two charities to support this year – prostate cancer and breast cancer. I hope you will support our fundraising events because these charities touch so many families.
“I would like to thank my fundraising committee who will work with me over the year to raise as much money as possible to support these wonderful charities.”


For our Mayor, the forthcoming year  means a very great deal as we reflect on our past and look forward to the future.

The civic office of mayor brings with it more than 800 years of tradition and loyalty to the crown and a direct link to the monarch through parliament.

The first office of Mayor was first introduced by the Normans in the eleventh century and the word Mayor itself derived from the Latin ‘magnus’, meaning great.

The first English Mayor was the Lord mayor of London, who took office in 1189.

From 1835, the title of Mayor was given to the head of each municipal council or corporation in England with the post-holder being seen as the First Citizen who spoke for the whole town or city

And it gave it an identity.

The Mayor said: “So being elected as Mayor of the borough of Southend on Sea is an enormous privilege and honour, particularly in the year we celebrate 125 years since we were first incorporated as a borough.

A series of events right across Southend, from community commemoration through to performing arts events, will mark this anniversary.”